Get 20% off Tool Insurance

with Toolbox by Admiral

We've all heard the expression

"Prevention is better than cure"

But what if you could have both?

Our exclusive van security partnership with Toolbox by Admiral, gives you just that!

Tool insurance
Your pockets and livelihood are the first priority. Which is why our high-tech Vanolarm System and the exclusively discounted Toolbox by Admiral Tool Insurance is the perfect combination.
At Vanolarm, we are proud to say that, to date*, we haven’t received a single report of a theft or loss of a vehicle protected by an active Vanolarm system. Although, we recognise the need for some customers to have that 2nd level peace of mind.
Using our offer, you won’t have to worry about cost either, as our partnership with Toolbox comes to less than the average tradesperson’s power drill. What’s more, the price for both a Vanolarm and this Tool Insurance is 50% less than our nearest, like-for-like, Van alarm & Tracker competitors. That gives you unbeatable security, for an unbeatable price.

Insuring your peace of mind with:-

1st line of theft prevention for both ‘Vehicle & Contents’ with Vanolarm

A Smart Alarm & Tracker system reporting any attempts of theft instantly to your mobile device. Proven to dissuade theft via 113db audible siren plus Live tracking of your vehicle 24/7 

2nd line ‘Tool Insurance’ at Toolbox by Admiral

When purchasing any Vanolarm system, you’ll instantly qualify for 20% off on Toolbox by Admiral’s Tool insurance. This is an exclusive offer for Vanolarm customers, so you won’t get this anywhere else!

Just like Vanolarm, Toolbox won’t tie you in

We know many people think ‘what’s the catch, there must be a tie-in?’ when they see an offer like this. The simple answer is, there isn’t one.
We’re here to put the customer first, and in doing so, we hope they see the value of our offer and stay with us for years to come under their own fruition. Likewise, Toolbox lets you can cancel your insurance free of charge at any time.
P.S. for the ultra cynics, Vanolarm don’t make a single penny from Toolbox by Admiral. Our partnership is about giving you the very best deals and in this way simply hope you spread the good word.

Protection beyond your Van

Not only are your tools insured and protected in your van, Toolbox also insure your tools when taken into your house overnight.
They don’t stop their either, your work laptop or tablet is also covered under your Tool Insurance policy with them.

Not forgeting Vanolarm + Tracker?

Prevents the theft of the vehicle as well as all contents
Prevent damage to you vehicle & time off the road due to repair.
Prevent increases in your vehicles insurance policy & excesses if break-ins occur. 
Prevent regret ‘For a price less than a tracker alone, I could have had alarm, tracker & insurance‘.

Superb Value for Money

Vanolarm & Tracker from £99.95 
Tracker running costs £2.50 per month (no contract)
Toolbox by Admiral from £3.59 per month (includes 20%  discount)
Average UK Tracker running costs are £13.25 per month

How to claim your 20% Toolbox by Admiral DISCOUNT?

It’s simple, purchase any Vanolarm system and you'll be automatically entitled to '20% off Toolbox by Admiral’.

With 48hrs of your purchase, we'll send you an email/SMS with your unique 20% discount code.

You’ll also get a direct link to Toolbox by Admiral’s insurance page with instructions on how to apply this great additional saving

Huge Savings & No Contracts from house hold names You Can Trust!

* All page information accurate as of 30th Sept 2022

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