Tool Insurance

Tool box by Admiral

As the saying goes

"Prevention is better than cure"

But what if you could have both?

With our exclusive partnership with Toolbox by Admiral

You can do just that!

Tool Insurance combined with the theft prevention properties offered by the Vanolarm System puts the customers ‘pockets’ first & foremost.
Although at Vanolarm we are conscious to ‘never say never’ and we are proud of the fact that, to date, we haven’t received a single report of a theft or loss from a vehicle protect by an active Vanolarm system, we do recognise a requirement for some to have that 2nd level  ‘piece of mind’. 
What’s more this ‘2 level piece of mind’, can come at a cost of less than the average trade persons power drill and both combined are still 50% less than our nearest, like for like, Van alarm & Tracker competitors  
Insure my tools

Insuring your piece of mind with:-

1st line of protection for both ‘Vehicle & Contents’ via Vanolarm

Smart Alarm & Tracker system reporting any attempts of theft instantly to your mobile device. Dissuading theft via 113db audible siren plus Live tracking of your vehicle 24/7 

2nd line ‘Tool Insurance’ & More

When purchasing any Vanolarm system you instantly qualify for a 20% discount on any Toolbox by admiral  insurance policy.  Saving you £££ . You won’t get this offer anywhere else!

Knowing you’re livelihood is protected

Loss of Tools & Equipment doesn’t just cost you in terms of hardware, it can also mean loss of earnings & reputation whilst waiting for the money to come in to replace those items. With Toolbox by Admiral, accepted claims, can be paid out within 24hrs with their professional cover. Meaning you’re back ‘On the tools’ ASAP, saving you, time, inconvenience & money 

Just like with Vanolarm Tracking –  No ‘Tie -Ins’ Guaranteed

We know many people are cynical when they see an offer that can be perceived as being ‘too good to be true’ and often ask ‘what’s the catch, there must be a tie-in’?
Not so, it’s as simple as that. We’re here to put the customer first and in doing so hope they see the value of our offering and stay with us for years to come under their own fruition.
PS. For the ultra cynics, Vanolarm don’t make a single penny from Toolbox by Admiral, our partnership is about giving you the very best deals and in this way simply hope you spread the good word. 

Protection beyond your Van

Not only are your tools insured and protected whilst in your Van, Toolbox by Admiral also insure your Tools when taken in your house over night.
What’s more their tool insurance also covers your works Laptop or Tablet.

Superb Value for Money

Vanolarm & Tracker from £99.95 
Tracker running costs £2.50 per month (no contract)
Toolbox by Admiral from £3.59 per month (includes 20%  discount)

Average UK Tracker running costs are £13.25 per month

90% of Average UK Trackers have fixed term contracts


A Vanolarm Tracker plus Classic Toolbox by Admiral is only £6.09 per month

Huge Savings & No Contracts from house hold names You Can Trust!

How to claim your 20% Toolbox by Admiral DISCOUNT?

It’s simple, once in checkout, click the ‘Add 20% discount for Toolbox by Admiral’ box.
Then when you’ve purchased your 1st line Vanolarm theft prevention system, we’ll send you an email/SMS with your unique 20% discount code. 
You’ll also get a direct link to Toolbox by Admiral insurance page with instructions on how to apply these great additional savings. 
Tool box by Admiral
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