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Now includes NEW Easy use App, 4G connectivity & added Wi-Fi Fencing

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Box 1 ‘Choose alarm package’: Select how many doors to the rear of vehicle you wish to protect (barn doors count as one)

Box 2 ‘Extra Audible Alarms’: Select how many cab doors/extra entry points you wish to protect

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Vanolarm provides Van owners with the smart van alarm system for securing their vehicles from break-ins and tool theft, saving tradesmen potentially thousands in business loss, whilst protecting valuables and contents of others. With a smart tracking option and a state-of-the-art van alarm system VanOlarm provides peace of mind by stopping potential thief’s before they have a chance to break in to. The device comes complete with a 115db, alarm tracking device and mobile app, all of which can be installed in minutes!


Questions Answered

Can I install this Van alarm myself?

Yes, with the Vanolarm ( van alarm system ) it’s simple to install within 10 minutes and no drilling is required. This also allows for easy change over from one vehicle to another in future. In addition when installing the App and setting up the Smart functions, we have a comprehensive ‘users only’ help page and video advise page to make operating the unit as smooth as possible.

What is 'Geo-fencing' and how large of an area does it cover?

So what happens if the thieves choose not to break into the rear of my van and steal my van instead? This is where we’ve added yet another level of security.

With Vanolarm GSM/GPS monitoring you are able set alarm settings should your vehicle move outside a specific geographical location, this is called Geo fencing. So for example, if someone manages to gain access to your vehicle and manages to drive it away (we don’t know how by the way unless you have not set the vibration alarms or listening alarm) more than 100m from where the Geo fencing was set, then an alarm report shall be sent to you immediately via Call, text or in App notifications. You can then track the vehicles location via the real-time location tracking within the App.

If you can locate your Smart Van alarm unit near a glazed area of the vehicle then you can also use the GPS tracker within the unit, this will result in more accurate live tracking and Geofence reporting. If the Geofencing additional protection is important to you we recommend the latter as best practice (opposed to locating the Smart alarm to rear of the vehicle)

*How much is a Vanolarm Sim? Are there any additional costs there after?

Unlike many smart Van alarm systems that require you to subscribe to their monitoring and App utility these are 100% FREE with Vanolarm. After all the system has been developed to automatically report directly to your phone if an alarm is activated, no need for intervention or 3rd party delays or additional costs. Our aim is to makVanolarm the best value alarm system on the market as well as offering the highest level of security possible. As GPS/GSM reporting and App reporting uses mobile data there is a small cost implication with regards to the data, text and voice calls. If you chose to purchase a sim card with your Vanolarm unit then you receive an 1p Mobile EE sim card pre-loaded with £10 of data, text and voice calls, which needs updating every 120 days (we don’t know of any other UK Sim that lasts this long prior to topup and with average use a £10 topup will last the full 120 days.  However any sim card can be inserted into the Smart Alarm unit allowing you, should you have EE connection problems in your area etc, to choose a more cost effective method to suit your needs. 

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Additional information

Additional Product information

As all notifications and tracking is via GPS a SIM card will be required, these can be purchased at a reasonable price from Van-O-larm, or through an independent supplier of your choice.

Choose Alarm Package?

1. Protect One entry point & interior, 2. Protect Two entry points & interior, 3. Protect Three entry points & interior

Extra Audible Alarms (e.g. per cab door if no bulkhead)

0, 1, 2

SIM Required? (Buy our Sim for best value in UK*)

x1 FREE EE SIM (inc £10 credit), Use Own Sim

125 reviews for Vanolarm

  1. Shane Kaye (verified owner)

    I bought this kit to cover 4 doors on my camper a few years ago and its still going strong today. Even the slightest tap on the van gives a warning. I love it 👍💪

  2. Steve Gibson

    Hi been a user for many years. Last night my mobile rung at 12.30 am. Didn’t know the number so rejected it. Rung again and before i could abuse them he said “Norfolk police” someone had been snooping around my van. They were out side. I went out and looked around no signs of damage. I touched the rear door and got the warning alarm. Told the copper “If I Touch again the full alarm goes off. He was well impressed, ” that’s going to scare them off straight away. ” So cheers for a brilliant and simple product

  3. John Smith

    I bought this product in December 23. Totally reliable, I have 5 sensors on my 5 door van . The whole system works like a dream. You must follow the instructions to the letter. As long as you do it will protect your van 100%

  4. Lee Wilkinson (verified owner)

    Bought mine before reading some reviews, then thought have I made a mistake… glad I bought, fantastic bit of kit, simple to install, great App…. well pleased

  5. Tom Mcdonnel

    Works a treat, just need to work out how to get 4 devices working off one fob👍

  6. Mark Hughes (verified owner)

    Fitted mine impresses with it really good value for money

  7. Andy Mulhearne (verified owner)

    Fitted mine on Tuesday, pretty impressed for the money. Everthing works as it should, was a doddle to fit and the App is pretty user friendly 👍

  8. Wayne Ratcliffe (verified owner)

    I’ve just ordered 2 of these I had them before on another Van. On the last Van they stopped a breakin. They tried to get in the side door. All it takes is the noise and the thief will move on, especially if you back it up with a paddle lock and steering lock 👍

  9. Karl Hurrell

    It’s a great product, had on my van for a few years now, definately gives peace of mind

  10. Carpentry_bySam

    Games Changer 👌 I have 3 alarms in my Van and have done so since last year 💪. Thanks Guys!

  11. Anthony Garroch (verified owner)

    I bought this expecting great quality based on how its advertised. I was disappointed. The door alarms are not loud even when mounted next to the driver and passenger windows. The door sensors do not link to the GPS tracker. The tracker is inconsistent. Placing my van away from my house when I know its there on my driveway. It’s difficult to open the battery covers to carryout the pairing sequence. You need access all around the door sensor in order to pop the cover off with the little blue plastic, impossible if you put the door sensor up against an edge which due to space would be the case.

    • Vanolarm (verified owner)

      Hi Anthony, We are sorry to hear you are disappointed with your Vanolarm system and of course we are always surprised when we hear of a poor experience. Obviously with the siren units ringing at 113db its difficult to understand how these can not be seen as loud, however some bodywork types can have high levels of insulation and therefore obviously reduce the external volume from time to time. This said, as we know 94% of the public now ignore siren only alarm, their main use within Vanolarm is to dissuade the thief and move them on as well as raise the instant alerts. Due to battery life concerns, we chose not to directly link the siren units to the smart alarm as this effectively halved overall battery life. Also if the thief had a bluetooth blocker etc they could prevent the devices talking to one another and the instant alert being sent. In this manner the smart alarm simply listens out for the sirens sounding and if heard sends the instant alerts accordingly, with the obvious retention of good battery life to boot. As detailed within our web pages the tracker uses both GPS and GSM tracking. If the GPS signal is blocked (unit placed with no line of sight to satellites or blocked by buildings etc) then there is a back up system of the GSM, which is not as accurate we agree, yet ultimately can still be tracked, unlike standard GPS only systems. Finally if you place a small slotted screw driver to the screw end or the sirens (once screw removed) and twist the unit should easily separate, negating the need for the blue triangle etc.

  12. Ostlers Joinery services (verified owner)

    I recommend Vanolarm 100% super affordable piece of mind for the cost of around 1 cordless battery from your kit!Love the fact they are based in East Yorkshire as well just like us 👌 thanks for the great affordable innovation. We wish you well, Lee

  13. Peter Crane (verified owner)

    I can’t fault vanoalarm, no flase triggers or cheap and affordable easy to setup and the App works well tracking and monitoring the van

  14. Richard Urquhart (verified owner)

    Just had a system delivered and found it super easy to set up, and working perfectly, so far so good guys

  15. Tom Greenaway (verified owner)

    Hi, Just like to say I’m very happy with my purchase. Great price too. Piece of mind now I don’t have to worry about my van as much! I want to get another for my car as I have had trouble with break in recently.

  16. Tony Best (verified owner)

    Just replaced my batteries on a four door set. Ten min job, first set in 8 months. Has worked perfectly for me right since the summer 👍

  17. Roland Cargill

    Purchased last April for my motorhome a smart alarm gps unit and 5 audible siren sensor door units because apart from the 2 cab doors and habitation door we have 2 large garage doors. This set up has given us great peace of mind as the system does as it was intended for.

  18. Kevin Cawthorne (verified owner)

    Happy with mine and the noise it makes when you try the handle. I set mine up arm and disarm everything by siren. Love it

  19. Karl Scott (verified owner)

    Had my Vanolarm kit for nearly a year , well chuffed with it, top work guys

  20. John Neal

    It’s a good bit of kit and have had no problems with mine, which I’ve had installed for over 2 years now,highly recommend Vanolarm and also admin for their quick responses if you have any issues setting up 👍

  21. Chris Fletcher

    Awesome system, im More than happy and impressed with mine

  22. Richard Kemp

    They are brilliant I switch mine from garage door to my motorcycle it works perfect on both . I mean one tap and I get an instant text and it’s a silent alarm as it works with out sirens on vibration mode had mine for over a year now 👍

  23. Mike Hockney

    Just to say how impressed I am with your service and support a unit arrived today thank you

    Excellent response and great service

  24. Peter Glendinninh (verified owner)

    Been using mine in my motorhome for nearly a year now, great bit of kit love the way it arms each door and gives a warning if the door is tried, bloody hell for the price it’s brilliant

  25. Neil Golding (verified owner)

    That’s great thank you ! Feel free to quote me on this

    Amazing customer service and love the product . These days not everyone takes not of a alarm going off but the fact you get a call or txt to check your lively hood is safe in your van is a great peace of mind ! and I strongly recommend to all my work mates and all trades wanting to protect there tools …… thanks vanolarm

  26. Chris Fletcher (verified owner)

    I bought my kit a couple of months ago, im crap with tech but fitted main unit and well chuffed, just need to figure out how to set up two fobs to my five door units then ile be as happy as a pig in 54it. Really have peace of mind with this set up

    • Mike Cherrington (verified owner)

      Hi Chris, thanks for the review. If you send us a quick email ([email protected]) we’ll send a link to our install page with videos and advise on how to set this up.

  27. Tony Best (verified owner)

    Just replaced my batteries on all 4 door sets. Ten minute job, first set on 8 months. Has worked perfectly for me right through summer

  28. Peter Glendinning (verified owner)

    Been using it in my motorhome for nearly a year now,great bit of kit love the way it arms each door and gives a warning when handle is tried,bloody hell for the price its brilliant.

  29. Rob Lefeuvre (verified owner)

    Had mine for almost a year now, setting up the remote for multiple sirens and changing the battery’s is about as technical as it gets on the install. It’s not let me down once and honestly, it does put your mind at ease. An amazing product and great price, highly recommend.

  30. Mark Chapman (verified owner)

    Just bought and installed one of these on my Van. As an auto locksmith I’ll be recommending this very highly to all my future commercial clients !!!

  31. Wayne Coggon (verified owner)

    Received mine a couple of days ago easy to install. Works like it says definitely be ordering another one for my shed and trailer 👍

  32. Stephen Richardson (verified owner)

    I’ve also got this installed in my van had for nearly a year, works well I have 5 door sensors and tracker unit all I’ve had to do is change batteries, never had any problems with the alerts or notifications have always works, trouble these days is people are always quick to speak negatively. I’ve been more than happy with mine 🙂

  33. Paul Ashwin (verified owner)

    We are really impressed with this kit. Works a treat and exactly what I wanted

    Thank you

  34. Tony Speariett (verified owner)

    iv got one… it’s perfect. Easy to install, if anyone tries my door handles it gives a warning beep then full alarm if someone continues to try breaking in, 1 get alerts to my phone aswel

  35. Jay Edgeworth (verified owner)

    Love this product, so simple yet effective. Thank you

  36. Anthony Witts

    I have the system. I’m really pleased with it.. the tracker is in my car and alarms are in the van. I’d recommend the system.

  37. David Stephenson (verified owner)

    I purchased a Vanolarm unit a few weeks ago and have been very impressed with the unit. Its actually better than we thought it would be

  38. Ben Jarvis

    Thanks for sending the new alarm so quickly. 5 star service 👌

  39. Jay Edgeworth

    Thank you. Today you saved my tools and my livelihood. I had my van broken into 4 weeks ago and all of my tools were stolen. I fitted VanOlarm the next day. Today thieves smashed a window and were frightened off when your alarms sounded. So grateful I chose your product. Thank you for a brilliant product!!. I recommend you to anyone that listens 😆

  40. Drawde Lorks

    Pity more van owners don’t pay out for one of these. Small price to pay to keep your tools safe.

  41. Doramas Hernandez

    I’ve fitted this to my camper, can’t fault it tbh

  42. Ian Crump

    I fitted the full kit in 15 minutes and all work exactly how it’s explained it would, amazing piece of kit I will recommend this to anyone in the trade/friends

  43. Bob Ilac

    Great product got one from truck fest and it works thank you guys

  44. Mike Wareing (verified owner)

    Thank u .. top service 👌

  45. Karl Hurrell (verified owner)

    BTW, they work great on splitscreen campers. I’ve had mine for a few months now, it’s great.

  46. Adrian Liddel (verified owner)

    Great product and very simple to install myself.

    Good and rapid technical back up when I wanted to pair the fobs, so two sirens now operate off one fob.

    Just gives that little extra peace of mind when away on business parking in hotel car parks.

    5 stars from me!

  47. Mick Wareing (verified owner)

    Get the full kit 🤗. Installed it yesterday m8 ….. brilliant bit of kit

  48. Graham Howard (verified owner)

    I have one in my van, there good. It calls you and texts you if activated

  49. Errol Simpson (verified owner)

    Hi guys, just a real thank you note & to say absolutely fantastic service from you once again, why cant all after sale service be like you guys ??? thank you all for your help once again !!!!!!

  50. Wayne Spooner (verified owner)

    Vanolarm is not bad for the price …….. At around £140 for 2 x sensors and GPS unit

  51. RIchard Warwick

    I was sceptical when I bought this but now am shouting it’s praise!!
    If any of your tools are worth more than £150 then just buy it and try it, you won’t be disappointed (and No I don’t work for vanolarm 🤣)
    If only one door gets damaged it will cost you more than this system!
    No system is perfect but this is a great deterrent, Yes locks are good and often needed but for this money !!!!!

  52. Greg (verified owner)

    The gps doesn’t connect to the keys. You have to use your phone which I just simply don’t have time and forget. Also you keep receiving notifications while driving and have to keep arming and disarming.

  53. David Scott (verified owner)

    Took some getting it set up in the right position to get notifications via phone with it being a pickup truck but I’m happy now , you can set sensitivity on audible alarm via the key fob, only my option but worth the money for me

  54. Samuel Greenfield (verified owner)

    Juat wanted to let you know I’m very happy with the alarm. I also received a discount on my insurance for having this “non thatcham gps tracker / alarm” . I’m afraid I don’t know the exact details because my PA dealt with it but I do know “I got a discount for the alarm, then added £5000 worth of tool insurance to my policy and it worked out about the same as the price before adding alarm + insurance.

    Probably about £60-£100 saved, insured with Adrian Flux

  55. Mick Roberts (verified owner)

    The alarm is OK for the money. The unit that detects the movement sends you alerts to your phone is OK but the penny mobile SIM card you get you have to top up every 120 days even when you still have nearly all your credit from the first topup. I’ve not topped and now I need to find another SIM card because penny mobile have disconnected my sim even though there was still £7.50 credit on it.

    • Mike Cherrington (verified owner)

      Hi Mick, It’s great to hear you think Vanolarm is worth the money even with your concerns over the Sim card. For clarity and to help others, to ensure your card isn’t disconnected if you don’t top up, then on receipt of goods we guide you to register your card, once registered you will receive auto top up notifications or can even set up automatic top up if required. At current costs of £30 max per year we genuinely don’t know a cheaper way of running our system and we guide you to our compare us page, which on average shows our running costs are least 80% less than our nearest competitors tracking system alone.

  56. Mark Matthews (verified owner)

    Had this system for a few months.
    First if a thief want your van it’s gone
    This system is easy to install and makes a thief think twice.
    Gps tracker if the worst case senirio
    At least you have some idea where your van is.
    The door handle gets a tug the alarm sounds off
    Thief thinks fek that
    This is a great system.
    I was in Scotland the other day I live near Coventry.
    System calls me to alert a noise.
    I call van listen to noise.
    Yell into phone
    Best fek off lads the police are on there way.

    Van safe
    I have piece of mind van is at the very least being monitored.

    Not saying it’s never going to be robbed
    But at least I know where it is 😂

  57. Baza (verified owner)

    Fantastic bit of kit, works just like it should, few teething problems, got it-touch with customer service, sorted out no problem !!!!

  58. Bear Parker

    Just caught a sorry looking little chav. Alarm went off sent message to my phone. He won’t be coming back in a hurry. 👍

  59. Bob Harrison

    Amazing product. Recommending to all our friends with camper vans who take a laptop or iPad on hols with them. No brainer.

  60. Gary Breslin

    I bought an alarm for my van a couple of weeks ago.
    Got 3 doors covered and the gps unit.
    Absolutely fantastic bit of kit!!!! . Mine was £150 all in and without a doubt, it’s the best £150 I’ve spent in a while.

  61. Darren (verified owner)

    Great idea 💡 works well if I was to be picky it’s not loud when it sets of as they are inside it needs a external siren to get the full benefit

    • Mike Cherrington (verified owner)

      Hi Darren, thanks for the feedback. As we know 94% of the public now ignore siren alarms Vanolarm is more about dissuading the thief in the 1st place, raising instant alerts and tracking. In this way we can genuinely say that to date (never say never) we haven’t received a single report of a theft or break-in from a vehicle fitted with an active Vanolarm. That said, we won’t react on our laurels and if a major request for the future will happily develop an external siren as well.

  62. Paul Musgrave

    Got mine all set up and gps tracker is brilliant with text to say if you move out or into geo fence

  63. Matthew Knight

    Purchased the alarm with three sensors, only issue I had was connecting the units to one remote. However when the instructions were read all was good… Alarm is loud, tracker is spot on, texts and call alerts are within 15 seconds….no issues with wind or cats walking over the van… would recommend 👌

  64. M J Tiff Plumbing

    See my independent Youtube review here (review starts 17min 50 secs in) , Would I recommend it ? Yes

  65. Mike Wheeler

    Gotta admit I was skeptical at first but pretty glad I bought one.

  66. James Pane

    Had 50mph gusts last night and heavy rain not one notification. However asked my son to fold my mirror in and I got a notification! Done it’s job! Had the system for 4 weeks and It’s been great for me, peace of mind is never overrated. Well done guys!!

  67. James Veal

    Product is excellent guys and worth twice the price. Don’t hesitate!

  68. Steve Richardson

    Had mine fitted for 3 weeks now, works as it should the sensertivity can be adjusted for noise and vibration, works spot on, the pre warning noise is a great feature and I can hear it when I am working on the job if the door is tried, very happy all round.

  69. Richard Warwick

    Great bit of kit !!
    I’m very reluctant to recommend anything but this does exactly what it says, I’ve had attempted break ins stopped before any damage so it has paid for itself already 👍

  70. Les Trueman

    I have bought this with 2 door alarms and the sim card, and I am truly 100% happy with this product, I did have one faulty alarm but with 1 email sent they were straight on it and sent me a new one. The sticky pads are amazing never have I seen anything stick so good. When I had to remove the faulty alarm I had to use a window scraper to get it off, you can,t just pull them off. My van was on my drive and is next to my bins, I dropped a bottle into my empty bin which made a loud bang, I had armed the noise sensors and straight away a text came through to my phone and it started to call my phone. To say I am extremely pleased with this product is an understatement. Thank you so much Vanolarm I sleep far easier at night now.

  71. Mike Jones

    Love mine, highly recommended

  72. Wayne Allen (verified owner)

    Great value for piece of mind, I bought this unit in February and have just had to top up due to time more than than money, I still had £5+ on account. I send commands several times a day no matter where I park… Already saved my van twice! Highly recommended 🙂

  73. Paul Linskey

    I’ve just fitted mine, well impressed, absolute bargain!!!

  74. Craig Wells (verified owner)

    It’s already saved my tools once. I went outside after the smart alarm phoned me and they drove off so for the money it’s a no brainer

  75. Dave Clarke

    Worth the money and support service they give is excellent

  76. Christopher Jones (verified owner)

    I got this thinking that it looks shit but best alarm I’ve seen work, 100%

  77. Darcy Meadows (verified owner)

    Since fitting ours 5 weeks ago, last week on site, 3 other traders ordered there set after seeing ours work. Awesome bit of kit 🙂

  78. David Wotton (verified owner)

    Just fitted mine on a transit connect. Fitted one to each door 4 in total with the cab plus main unit works a treat. When triggered get a text message, top stuff also got GSP tracker 🙂

  79. Paul Bagnall

    I have just fitted one of these alarms to my van including extra door sirens. Was extremely easy to fit and set up . I am very happy with this product. I sleep Better at night now 👍

  80. Jason Dorner (verified owner)

    Good bit of kit for the price and easy to install. Had a problem with a unit but Vanolarm were quick to get a replacement out to me after returning it to them.

  81. Anthony Carter (verified owner)

    I’ve had this installed for around 9 months now. Was easy to set up, gives me that total piece of mind at night and when on jobs,. (just need to stop the local cat from jumping on the van at silly o’clock 🙂 ) Grand job on the product, so glad I went for this alarm. PS am spreading the word

  82. Barry Goodman (verified owner)

    We’ve had ours instlled for few months no, I’m happy with it, highly recommended

  83. John E Jones (verified owner)

    Installed Vanolarm system in our motorhome a few weeks ago and so far it has worked perfectly… tracker very accurate too. Highly recommended.Keep up the good work guys

  84. Chris Mallon (verified owner)

    Loving the Alarm, sharing with friends and family on how cool it is 🙂

  85. Ray Morphus

    I’ve had this alarm system on my van for a week now and it’s proved it’s worth. I sleep better knowing that my van not only has a deterrent, but an audible siren that I can hear from my house. It does what it says on the tin. Have already recommended it to a friend for his motorhome

  86. Paul Mcgann

    I’ve got one of these fitted it to my Motorhome it is very versatile and tuneable to your needs excellent bit of kit for the money

  87. Alex Jennings

    I bought this system, with additional sensors so ALL doors are covered on a crew cab ….. I had a few issues in the beginning with a sim not work but full credit to Vanolarm who sorted this out for me ASAP! For £155 I don’t think you can beat the system. I’ve got Replocks and hook locks etc but I’ve got an audible deterrent PLUS a GPS tracker that notifies me. It’s just another bit of piece of mind.
    Would I buy it again for my next Van? No…..BECAUSE I’LL SIMPLY TAKE THIS ONE WITH ME! I’d certainly recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about getting one 👍

  88. Gary Connel (verified owner)

    Absolutely great piece of kit…..I can honestly say that it’s 100% reliable and give me piece of mind whilst working away. Fully recommended *****

  89. Graham Harwich

    I have a Vanolarm fitted to my Caravan and am impressed so far. It reduced my insurance by £172 this year.

  90. Attila Daniel Zubcsik

    I just got me one. I thought would be difficult to us but not at all. I like it so far

  91. David Guest

    Never been one to leave a review but WOW. Great piece of kit told everyone i know with a van about it 100% recommended a must have for any van or motorhome the only van alarm that contacts you when its set off 👌 best alarm around and at a cheap price too

  92. Paul Jenkinson

    My van has been saved twice in as many weeks at a Premier Inn 3 vans got done this week and 2 last week, brilliant bit of kit

  93. Richard Norman

    Best bit of kit on the market very easy to install and piece of mind that your vehicle is protected highly recommended 👌

  94. Norms Mowers

    Best piece of kit I have purchased works spot on massive thumbs up from me

  95. Gaz Connell

    Absolutely brilliant bit of kit…… had a few teething problems at my end, and they were excellent to resolve it and got me up and running….!!!!
    Fully recommended 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  96. Leighton Bennett

    Had mine a few months now, great product, never had to use the GPS thing but the door sensors work a treat, the side door handle needs to be pulled a little harder for the noise to go, but only have to touch the back and it beeps. We’ll be ordering a set for all the vans shortly 👍👍

  97. Stephen Rochardson

    Just purchased the full 5 door kit and I’m more than happy with the system, straight forward easy to follow instructions, great turn around = 1 happy customer *****

  98. Gavin Dowd (verified owner)

    Fantastic alarm, great features, especially GPS function, easy to set up, after sales support is also top quality, highly recommended A++++++

  99. David Sowerby

    I’m always in two mind when I see stuff like this on Facebook but I mus t say after My purchase, 10 minute setup and install its brilliant, puts my mind at rest. Costing less than the average drill, notifies me in seconds if some tries my van. It’s really is a good product

  100. Colin Harris

    Carnt recommend this company anough, fantastic bit of kit, had mine fitted a few months now and it really does the job they say it does, massive thumbs up 🙂

  101. Justin Holness

    Just purchased one of these, great bit of kit, should hopefully stop any attempt to break in, works perfect, gives off warning alert to the thieves.

  102. Paul Godden (verified owner)

    Awful customer service product faulty in warranty refused to replace blamed me for their poor design (full email chain available)
    Stated user error even though i clearly stated what the chain of events were they just ignored the written facts and failed to grasp the simplicity that the item didn’t work any longer it did work as described for 1 month .

  103. Vince Meakin

    Just fitted mine, so easy, works a treat. I recommend everyone to get one of these

  104. Mark Liles

    Just fitted mine to transit connect, easy to install and setup. Great features very happy, highly recommend. Thanks

  105. Richard

    Just like to say the alarm system is Brilliant top quality and made me feel I can sleep at night, thanks

  106. David Daniels

    Had mine installed for a while now! Works perfectly! Easy enough to set up and use. I’ve not found another piece of kit that beats the functions this one has. Its worth every penny and I can finally rest at night without being worried of not hearing someone tampering. 10 out of 10!

  107. Marco Duarte

    Hi, I am really happy with it, I’ve tried the Vanmate alarm but it’s the functionality of the alarm calling you that I wanted and it works perfectly

  108. John Towers

    This is a no brainer. It’s piece of mind for the cost of a days wage.

  109. Alistair Strachan

    I’ve purchased this alarm and installed it, clear instructions, app set up, played about with it to adjust the sensitivity, really happy with everything and it’s a great product and gives me peace of mind knowing that my van has an extra layer of protection so I would highly recommend it.

  110. John Wright

    Bought the kit last December cannot fault it. Calls my phone really quickly if door is tried or tampered with

  111. Thomas Hunter

    I’ve just fitted mine, piece of mind, easy to do, it does everything they say it does

  112. Jon Gilding (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this alarm and tracker kit
    Easy to install and got both doors alarms working off one key fob with ease
    The tracker is great and easy to set up
    Great value for money

  113. Jamie Thompson

    Ok just installed in under 10 minutes. Toned down sensitive. Works flawlessly tbh. The only gripe I have if you’re an old fart like me the instructions are tiny. Is it worth the £122 I paid yes can’t fault it tbh. Only time will tell I guess but happy chap atm.

  114. Mr Lee Roscoe (verified owner)

    I’ve just purchased & also fitted the full kit for a 6 door van 1 drives door / 1 passenger door / 2 sides sliding doors / 1 barn door (up & over) ? Can I just say the for the money it’s a brilliant bit of kit. But the main part about this VanOlarm is that you get a great peace of mind when the alarm is “ARMED”. Like I said above 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ s & that goes with customer service as well 👌

  115. Mark Hyde

    I’ve ordered one, it cost’s less than a drill (expletive removed). Any deterant has to be worth it !

  116. Rob Dentman Nay

    Well what can I say…it’s just Brilliant! So easy to install, set up is a breeze,,,,if your concerned about your van and tools look no further…buy one! I feel much more satisfied that my security on the van and tools is now pretty much safeguarded.

    Thank you Vanolarm

  117. Lewis Cunliffe

    FairPlay to you and whoever else who has been involved in the making of the vanolarm. Watched the video last night and seems like a very well made and thought out product. Will be certainly putting my order in. All the best 👍🏻

  118. Pat Miles

    Cool piece of kit. Spent a few hours on the 1st day of installation playing around with all the options. Love the fact I can listen in. Caught my mate dissing me when I sent him back to the van for a heavy lump of marble :-), hopefully stops any theft also.

  119. Paul Bellamy

    Excellent. Fast delivery and really easy to install. You get lots for your money!

  120. Marc Harris

    Installed Vanolarm about 2 months ago and its already stopped 2 attempted break-ins to my van whilst I’ve been working nearby. It’s simple to install, took me about 5 minutes. It’s saved my business twice, so very effective, and for under £100 its a no brainer. Highly recommend!

  121. Leyton Smith

    Impressive. Easy to control and it calls me immediately if anyone is tampering with my van.

  122. Paul Carlton

    Fitted on a couple of minutes. Works a treat. Took the package with 2 door sensors for only a few quid more

  123. Matt Senior

    The best thing it notifies me wherever I am that my alarm has been triggered. For the price its a no brainer

  124. Cara Tulley

    Bought to my husband for his Birthday. Arrived in just 3 days. Quality looks great. It’s not his birthday until next Tuesday, so he’ll have to wait 🤣😂

  125. Darryl Peters

    I’d recommend this to anyone who relies on their van and tools for their business.

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