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Vanolarm & Campervan Security

The Simple, Self Installed, Smart Van Alarm System that protects your Campervan, Caravan & Motorhome from just £99.95

"Only 6% of Camper Vans have Alarm & Tracking Protection"

"Tens of thousands of leisure vehicles have no alarm systems at all"

"94% of people now ignore siren only alarms"

"Huge increase in leisure vehicle thefts & break ins over the past 5 yrs"

"93% of all vehicle thefts are now due to Key Hacking/Key theft"

Motorhome security, Campervan security and Caravan security alarm systems very rarely come with the features and versatility as that offered by Vanolarm. When you consider the number of security features offered by the Vanolarm system against cost then we truly believe that our motor home security alarm and tracking system is the best value product in the market place today. 

Why Vanolarm & Tracker?

6 x Levels of Security

Vibration sensors, Noise Sensors, Geofencing, Wi-Fi fencing, Door sensor & 115db siren

Stop The Thief Fast!

Instant alerts to your phone of a break in or theft attempts via Text, Call & App 

Track Your Stolen Camper, Motorhome, Caravan

Vehicle stolen? See where its going on your device via live the tracking App.

Deters Break-ins before the damage is done

Clear visible labels, Pre-warning alert horn & Piercing siren alarm

Can NOT be conventionally ‘Key Hacked or Key cloned’

Preventing 93% of modern vehicle removals/thefts methods instantly (see more)

Superb Value for Money

No costly monthly Subscriptions!
At least 50% less than our nearest like to like competitor
Vanolarm money back guarantee

Peace of Mind + Money Back Guarantee

We know of NO OTHERS prepare to refund your purchase if a theft of Tools or Van takes place*
That’s because with 1000’s of system sold here in the UK, we still have no reports* of a single loss of a vehicle protected by an active Vanolarm system.
In recent years UK police reports show us that although there is an overall reduction in general vehicle crimes towards Cars/motorcycles regrettably Motor home, CamperVan and Caravans thefts and break ins have increased significantly. With exception of ‘lock down times’ due to Covid in 2020/2021 the previous years had seen year on year rises of 30% (per year ) with regards to Motorhome, Campervan and Caravan crimes.
How it Works - How to Install Video

For mobile best viewed in landscape. Tap to pause.

If you own a Motorhome, Campervan or Caravan then you’ll know the high costs involved on purchasing and owning such vehicles. With the average cost of such leisure vehicles being at least one third greater than the average family car (and considerably higher in many instances) then we can see why they have recently become the favoured choice of the would-be/professional vehicle thief.
  • Mark Liles

    Just fitted mine to transit connect, easy to install and setup. Great features very happy, highly recommend. Thanks ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • David Guest

    Never been one to leave a review but WOW. Great piece of kit told everyone i know with a van about it 100% recommended a must have for any van or motorhome the only van alarm that contacts you when its set off 👌 best alarm around and at a cheap price too ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Alistair Stratchen

    I’ve purchased this alarm and installed it, clear instructions, app set up, played about with it to adjust the sensitivity, really happy with everything and it’s a great product and gives me peace of mind knowing that my van has an extra layer of protection so I would highly recommend it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • David Sewerby

    I’m always in two mind when I see stuff like this on Facebook but I mus t say after My purchase, 10 minute setup and install its brilliant, puts my mind at rest. Costing less than the average drill, notifies me in seconds if some tries my van. It’s really is a good product ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Richard Norman

    Can't recommend this company enough, fantastic bit of kit, had mine fitted a few months now and it really does the job they say it does, massive thumbs up ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Paul Jenkinson

    My van has been saved twice in as many weeks at a Premier Inn 3 vans got done this week and 2 last week, brilliant bit of kit ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • David Daniels

    Had mine installed for a while now! Works perfectly! Easy enough to set up and use. I’ve not found another piece of kit that beats the functions this one has. Its worth every penny and I can finally rest at night without being worried of not hearing someone tampering. 10 out of 10! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Jon Gilding

    Very impressed with this alarm and tracker kit Easy to install and got both doors alarms working off one key fob with ease The tracker is great and easy to set up Great value for money ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Lee Roscoe

    I’ve just purchased & also fitted the full kit for a 6 door van 1 drives door / 1 passenger door / 2 sides sliding doors / 1 barn door (up & over) ? Can I just say the for the money it’s a brilliant bit of kit. But the main part about this VanOlarm is that you get a great peace of mind when the alarm is “ARMED”. Like I said above 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ s & that goes with customer service as well 👌

  • Marc Harris

    Installed Vanolarm about 2 months ago and its already stopped 2 attempted break-ins to my van whilst I’ve been working nearby. It’s simple to install, took me about 5 minutes. It’s saved my business twice, so very effective, and for under £100 its a no brainer. Highly recommend! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Rob Dentman Nay

    Well what can I say…it’s just Brilliant! So easy to install, set up is a breeze,,,,if your concerned about your van and tools look no further…buy one! I feel much more satisfied that my security on the van and tools is now pretty much safeguarded. Thank you Vanolarm ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Jamie Thompson

    Ok just installed in under 10 minutes. Toned down sensitive. Works flawlessly tbh. The only gripe I have if you’re an old fart like me the instructions are tiny. Is it worth the £122 I paid yes can’t fault it tbh. Only time will tell I guess but happy chap atm. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

What's in the Box?

Full Package
NEW 4G Smart Alarm Unit
Audible Alarm Door Sensors
New Secure online control app
Remote control key fobs
Self-Adhesive velcro pads
Smart Alarm unit holder
Magnetic Door sensor
User manual
Installation accessories
External Vanolarm deterrent sticker
Online Help & Install Video instructions
FREE 3in1 USB charging cable
FREE EE Sim with 3 months credit
How Vanolarm helps me

What’s in it for me?

A Smart alarm system you can design to suit your needs

Flexible purchasing options, means you get to choose your budget & security requirements

Reduced chance of damage to your Vehicle

Entry damage & repairs to vehicle greatly reduced via alarm/alerts before forced entry 

Less worry if your Keys/Fob are stolen or lost

If keys & alarm fob stolen then main smart system still remains active for alerts & tracking

Can’t rely on Geofence due to poor Satellite/network reception?

We’ve got you covered with our new innovative Wi-fi fencing alternative

Possibility of discounts against your vehicle insurance

Many Insurance companies prepared to give discount if Vanolarm + tracker installed

No need to buy a new trackers or Van alarms for next vehicle

Vanolarm is portable and easily moved from one vehicle to another in minutes

Increased chance of recovering your vehicle

If your GPS tracking is blocked you can still track the Vicinity of your vehicle with GSM triangulation

Your Guaranteed

Knowing you’ve bought from a UK company prepared to refund your purchase should a theft or loss occur* . Who else does that?

 ULTIMATE ‘Peace of Mind’

Understanding you’ve done your utmost to protect your pocket, time & way of life !
Many  leisure vehicles are targeted for the vehicles themselves yet there is worryingly a significant increase in the number of break ins also, especially during the holiday seasons, in which thieves recognise that valuables are left in the vehicle whilst the owners are away and target them accordingly.
Here at Vanolarm we recognise that Motorhome security, Campervan security and Caravan Security is somewhat ‘behind the curve’ in relation to what is on offer within the general vehicle market place. With this in mind we developed Vanolarm to specifically protect the vehicles and goods, which are generally ignored by the corporate vehicle and alarm system manufacturers. We know of no other retro fit  Van alarm system that comes as standard with live tracking, Geofencing, vibration sensor alarm, noise sensor alarm, door sensor alarm and the convenience a smart alarm system which alerts you immediately to your phone the minute any break in/theft is attempted. What’s more Vanolarm is designed and supplied here from the UK
A key Motorhome security, Campervan Security and Caravan security feature of Vanolarm is it’s ability to alert the owner of attempted break ins/thefts ‘prior to the damage’ being done. Unlike conventional alarm systems that only activate once doors are forced, locks damaged or windows broken the Vanolarm system is designed to activate prior to these events.
Using specialist vibration technology, the instant a lock if tampered with, a door handle pulled or a window tapped then Vanolarm immediately sounds an alert. This is intended to notify the thief that the Van is alarmed, if they then try again within the next 30 seconds a full siren sounds and alerts are instantly sent to the user via their mobile phone (via a choice of in App alert, Text or phone call).
With many insurance companies now offering substantial discounts for vehicle that have combined Van Alarm & Tracking systems you could find yourself saving more money that the cost of a Vanolarm system in the 1st place. In fact Graham, one of our recent clients, contacted us to say he saved a massive £179 from his annual insurance policy following his installation of his Vanolarm system. Meaning as well as Vanolarm paying for itself instantly through the savings, Graham still saved money on his 1st year insurance and is set to save far more money, year on year, in future.
‘But won’t the vibration alarm be set off by strong winds or passing traffic?’ We hear this all the time from potential clients, yet with 7 levels of sensitivity to suit various environmental conditions and the pre-warning system application we can proudly say we have never had a single Vanolarm returned due to false alarms (see video)
So if you’re looking for Motorhome security, Campervan Security, Caravan security think no further the Vanolarm, the most comprehensive retro-fit alarm system in the market place today at incredible value for money!
Do I need a sim card to operate a Vanolarm Motorhome security system?

The answer ‘NO’ would be the simple answer to this question. If you chose to protect your vehicle simply using Vanolarms Audible alarm units, there is no need for a sim card. However Vanolarm has ultimately been designed to be one of the comprehensive smart van alarm systems in the market.

As such the GSM/GPS tracking and alarm reporting utility of Vanolarm requires the need for a sim card in order to protect your vehicle to the highest degree possible. If you chose to purchase a sim card with your Vanolarm unit then you receive an 1p Mobile EE sim card pre-loaded with £10 of data, text and voice calls, which needs updating every 90 days. With average use the 1p mobile sim card lasts the user the 90 days prior to the next £10 top up requirement (1p per min call, 1p per SMS/Test, 1p per MB data).

The above said, any sim card can be inserted into the smart GSM unit allowing you, should you have EE connection problems in your area etc, to choose a more cost effective method to suit your needs.

So in short if you wish to manage your Motorhome security, Campervan security or Caravan security from your phoneand track your vehicle if stolen then you’ll need a sim to operate Vanolarm.

How do I work out what I need, the cost of a Vanolarm and what I get within the package?

If you found Vanolarm via our social media pages etc then it’s likely you haven’t yet come across our product/purchasing page?

To find how much a Vanolarm unit / Van Alarm System will cost to protect your vehicle simply fill in the Alarm/Sim choices etc in the boxes (complete ALL boxes) and from there you will see a drop down showing all the items included in the package and the package price.

As an example when ‘Choosing an alarm package’ , a ‘Rear door and one side door’ package would include 1 x Smart alarm unit, 2 x Audible alarm units, plus ancillaries (please note the Audible alarm units work as the door sensor units as well as the sirens)

To order a Van alarm system by Vanolarm click HERE or simply go to https://vanolarm.co.uk/product/van-o-larm/ 

We honestly do not know of any other motorhome security, campervan security or caravan security retro fit alarm system that offers such good value for money. We hope your research finds so too?

We look forward to your order 😉

Whats happens if my key fob/remote is stolen, cloned or 'Key hacked'?

Vanolarm obviously can not prevent Keys/Fob theft, cloning or ‘Key hacking’ yet the system has taken this into consideration and employed additional security measures to secure your vehicle should this happen. 

If the thieves obtain functionality of the key fob/remote then they can easily turn off the audible alarm units securing the door areas, yet they can’t turn off the Smart alarm unit. This ensures your the motorhome security, campervan security and caravan security supplied via the Vanolarm Smart device is always active. As the smart alarm is controlled (turned on/off) independently via the App or text messaging (visa versa, the App doesn’t control the Audible alarm units).  In this way, if the audible alarm have been turned off then the standalone listening, vibration, magnetic door sensors and tracking facilities within the Smart alarm unit are still active.

For added security each Smart Alarm unit has it own unique ID code and the user has full autonomy with regards to password access/changing. In this manner, other with their own Smart Vanolarm devices, can not access the users own unit to turn it off etc.

To see more of our frequently asked questions please click HERE.

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* Reported Theft figures as of 29-09-2022