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Van Tracker : Install Help

Q1: Why is my ‘Live tracking’ or ‘GEO fence’ not showing my vehicles actual position.

A: The Vanolarm Smart GPS/GSM unit relies on a good connectivity link with orbiting satellites to give accurate Van tracker information in terms of location. If for example you are setting up the Smart alarm unit in your home the GPS signal can be blocked by the building itself (brick walls/roofing/mains electrical boards etc). In relation to the smart alarm units installed within a vehicle then in the vast majority of cases the body walls/panelling of the vehicle is not sufficient at blocking a signal and the GPS function will work normally. However if the vehicle has been well insulated or the GPS unit hidden in tool boxes/under a chair etc then this can block the signal to the satellites. If the satellite signal is blocked then the system relies on LBS/GSM tracking via mobile phone tower density around the vehicles location. This can be less accurate than GPS i.e. If there is only one phone tower in the vicinity of the vehicle, triangulation of the vehicles position can be poor resulting in inaccurate location points. If you feel the GSM signal is being blocked, we recommend moving the smart alarm unit to a high point in the vehicle, onto a single skin/panel and away from any electrical devices/lighting.

Q2: Why can't I see my daily travel movements within the 'Historical route' area on my App?

Historical route data only works in conjunction with the Real time tracking function within the AnyTracking App. 

In this manner in order for a Historical route to be recorded the Real-time tracking function needs to have been opened/turned on whilst travelling.

First an foremost Vanolarm was designed to protect Vans and the tools within from theft. Accordingly the main function behind the GPS/GSM van tracker within the smart alarm is to report the real time position of the vehicle should it be stolen. With this in mind therefore (although the features allows) Vanolarm should not be viewed as a conventional tracking system of which tracking detail can be recorded 24/7. Using Vanolarm in such a manner will result also in a shortened battery life with increased mobile data costs.