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The Simple, Self Installed, Smart Alarm System that protects your Horse Boxes, Food Vans & Trailers from just £99.99 (far, far more than a simple hitch lock)

"Huge increase in Trailer thefts in 2021"

"Thousands of Food Trailers & Horse Boxes have no alarm systems at all"

"Rural theft, including Trailers & Horse boxes, amounts to £43.3m"

"The majority of Trailers have no power supply making full security an issue"

"94% of siren only alarm now ignored by public'"

With the exception of a hitch lock Trailer security, Horse box security and Outside catering security alarm systems are few and far between. When you consider the number of security features offered by the Vanolarm system against it’s cost then we truly believe that our industry leading trailer security alarm and tracking system is the best value product in the market place today. 

Why Vanolarm?

Battery Power that Lasts

No needs for your Trailer, Horse Box or Food Trailer to have their own Power

5 x Additional Levels of Security

Geofencing, Vibration sensors, Door sensor, Noise Sensors& 113db siren

Stop The Thieves Fast!

Get instant Alerts to your phone of a break in or vehicle movement via Text, Call & App 

Track Your Stolen Trailer, Horse Box or Food Wagon

Whatever you vehicle is, see where its going on your device via our live the tracking App

Prevent Break-ins before the damage is done

Pre-warning alert horn & Piercing siren alarm plus clear visible labelling

For those with Horse Boxes and Food Vans.

Vanolarm can NOT be conventionally ‘Key Hacked or Key cloned’

Preventing 93% of modern vehicle removals/thefts methods instantly (see more)

Superb Value for Money

No costly monthly Subscriptions!
At least 50% less than our nearest like to like competitor
A hitch lock and wheel lock is often the first go to method to protect a trailer, horse box or food wagon.
Unfortunately such vehicles (& contents)  are often seen as easy pickings by the thieves due to their lack of full, consequential, alarm systems.
Often left in unmanned or isolated locations thieves are left to remove such locks at their own free will. Vanolarm prevents such free will with its alert notifications direct to your phone, it’s 113db siren and of course your ability to track the vehicle if actually removed. 

Food Vans & Trailers Protected Too

If you already own a hitch lock then we assume you know the true worth of your Trailer, Horse Box or Food Trailer, as you have already gone to some extent to protect them. 
This said we often ignore the opportunistic thief looking to gain entry to our vehicles to steal contents etc. In fact this crime is often as large as overall vehicle thefts. 
Content theft, more often than not, means costly damage to your vehicle in order for the thief to gain entry. Damage that take time and expense to repair, not with standing the goods that may have been stolen too.
 Vanolarm instantly dissuades the opportunist thief, to the extent (never say never) that to date, with 1000’s of systems sold, we haven’t received a single report of a vehicle or contents being stolen from a vehicle fitted with an active Vanolarm system.
  • Paul Carlton

    Fitted on a couple of minutes. Works a treat. Took the package with 2 door sensors for only a few quid more ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Jamie Thompson

    Ok just installed in under 10 minutes. Toned down sensitive. Works flawlessly tbh. The only gripe I have if you’re an old fart like me the instructions are tiny. Is it worth the £122 I paid yes can’t fault it tbh. Only time will tell I guess but happy chap atm ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Matt Senior

    The best thing it notifies me wherever I am that my alarm has been triggered. For the price its a no brainer ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • David Sewerby

    I’m always in two mind when I see stuff like this on Facebook but I mus t say after My purchase, 10 minute setup and install its brilliant, puts my mind at rest. Costing less than the average drill, notifies me in seconds if some tries my van. It’s really is a good product ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Richard Norman

    Can't recommend this company enough, fantastic bit of kit, had mine fitted a few months now and it really does the job they say it does, massive thumbs up ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Jon Gilding

    Very impressed with this alarm and tracker kit Easy to install and got both doors alarms working off one key fob with ease The tracker is great and easy to set up Great value for money ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Lee Roscoe

    I’ve just purchased & also fitted the full kit for a 6 door van 1 drives door / 1 passenger door / 2 sides sliding doors / 1 barn door (up & over) ? Can I just say the for the money it’s a brilliant bit of kit. But the main part about this VanOlarm is that you get a great peace of mind when the alarm is “ARMED”. Like I said above 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ s & that goes with customer service as well 👌

What's in the £99.95 Box?

Vanolarm product cut out
1 x Smart Vanolarm Unit + Tracker
1 x Audible Siren Door Sensors
1 x Secure mobile online control app
1 x Remote control key fobs
1 x Large Self-Adhesive velcro pads
1 x Smart Alarm Sleeve holder
1 x Additional Magnetic Door sensor
1 x Paper User manual
1 x External Installation accessories
1 x  External Vanolarm deterrent sticker
1 x FREE 3in1 USB charging cable
1 x FREE sim (if chosen) with 90 days Credit
We hear doubters all the time ‘Surely Vanolarm can’t be any good at that ‘sort of money’, shouldn’t we just stick with our hitch lock instead’
With 1000’s of systems sold to date, all supplied direct from our UK based business, we’re proud of our very low customer return record. 
A survey of our first 4.5k products sold showed a return percentage of only 2.8%. Industry averages for ecommerce electronic goods show return rates of 6.2%-8% in the UK.
With our returns being at least 50% less than industry average we feel this supports the true quality, reliability and versatility of our Vanolarm systems 
Many insurance companies now offering substantial discounts for vehicle that have combined Alarm & Tracking systems. Meaning you could find yourself saving more money that the cost of a Vanolarm system in the 1st place. In fact Graham, one of our recent clients, contacted us to say he saved a massive £179 from his annual insurance policy following his installation of his Vanolarm system. Meaning as well as Vanolarm paying for itself instantly through the savings, Graham still saved money on his 1st year insurance and is set to save far more money, year on year, in future.
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