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Van security competition

The beginning

When designing Vanolarm we naturally took time to research the market place. This research took into consideration various aspects that included current best van alarms in the market place at that time, their protection values, their benefits/shortfalls, their costs and first and foremost the vehicle protection needs of the user.

During our studies we found some great products yet discovered a ‘hole in the market’ at the same time.

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The thought process

Many of the best van alarms at the time require hard wired installation, which more often than not means the inconvenience of the van being ‘off the road’ for a period of time whilst third party fitters install these alarm systems. A ‘working vehicle’ off the road could clearly affect the income of many clients within the target audience, whilst third party fitting is also often very expensive.

In addition to the above, with the advent of key cloning and vehicle hacking via computers in order for thieves to gain entry or steal vehicles, such processes could mean that if an alarm system is hard wired into the main vehicle wiring system, then in turn, the alarm could possibly be turned off also

The way ahead

So with this in mind we ‘got to thinking’ are there any other Vanolarm system other than the hard wired, very expensive, market leaders such as Thatham and Clifford Alarms etc? Further research lead us to other leading suppliers offering battery based, easy self install systems within a much more competitive/appealing price point. All great products in their own right as stated, yet nothing seemed to be offering the midpoint, an alarm system that couldn’t be turned off via ‘key hacking’, was easy to self install, had a ‘smart alarm’ interface, had multiple levels of security whilst most importantly being excellent value for money. This lead us to innovate, design and bring to market our, 1st generation, Vanolarm product.

The chart below compares Vanolarm against the other leading UK Van alarm systems in our targeted sector. We hope you can see how we’ve tried to become the most comprehensive, best value for money van alarm system in the UK market place today

The compelling argument for best Van Alarms

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