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Welcome to the Common questions, Set up & Problem Solving page for your Vanolarm 4G System (If you have the older 2G version then please click here)
Although many other security systems simply rely on securing vehicles by using added locks or sounding alarms after entry is made, we designed Vanolarm to go way beyond this. Although simple to set up, the technology involved also allows for bespoke adjustment, allowing for many variable ways in protecting your Van. 
We recognise that due to the many features Vanolarm offers and the varying environments in which clients wish to use it, on occasion additional advise over and above those on the paper instructions may be required.  With the introduction of this help page, we now find that 99% of all client queries can be easily resolved through reviewing the advice and videos shown within these pages. 
If you are new to the Vanolarm product then firstly please ensure you have fully read and understood the paper instructions prior to using this page to resolve problems/installing your Vanolarm units.
In addition to the additional question and answer options found on this page (and the paper instructions), you can also see the FAQ’s page, within our general site for further support. 
The No1 rule to remember when setting up your Vanolarm is patience. If you rush the setup procedure in can result in the smart alarm or app not functioning correctly especially when using ‘settings’ in your App (always ensure ‘sucess’ messages are received when adding instruction, arming/disarming sensors etc. Also if testing alerts etc, ensure all alerts are received prior to testing other sensors, whilst leaving at least 1-2 mins between each specific test).
Finally, the above video is clearly just a quick example of how the system works, yet for specific Video setup advice for each device (Smart alarm and Siren sensor) we would guide you to the specific advise found within the button page links found below (under graphics).
From the list below please click the button you would like assistance with to see the appropriate Set up or troubleshooting queries
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