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Common Setup (excluding Video direction )

Let’s start by describing how Vanolarm works and the most common recommended settings to Arm and Disarm Vanolarm.

Once you have installed the Audible Siren units, charged and installed the Smart GPS unit and installed a compliant sim card then arming the Vanolarm system can commence.

siren alarm and fob

The fobs controls the vibration activated Audible siren sensors, this ‘arms’ and ‘disarms’ those siren sensors only (the Vibration sensor setting within the App is for the standalone vibration sensor within the smart GPS alarm alone).

App smart alarm sim

The App controls the GPS Smart Unit only. The reason for independent arming of Siren sensor & the Smart GPS device can be found here by clicking this link and seeing Q14.


The GPS Smart Unit has a number of independent sensors which if activated notifies you of their activation to your phone. This includes a Noise Sensor (so if it hears the siren for example, it notifies you via your phone. See Q20 here regarding best practice for installing the siren sensors in order for the noise sensor to work), a stand alone Vibration sensor (if the smart GPS unit senses movement or vibration, IE if it is armed and you are driving, it will continually notify your phone). The magnetic ‘Door’ sensor only tends to be used if someone want to protect the rear barn doors of a vehicle and needs the Smart alarm unit to be fitted to the adjacent door to which the magnet is fitted, see arrow on side of smart device for which side (it notifies your phone if the door or contact is broken. Some clients also use to protect the smart alarm itself and send alerts if it is removed from the holder).

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We recommend the following configuration to Arm your Vanolarm to notify you of door tampering etc:

Arm your vibration activated Audible siren sensors using the fob.

Go to the App, Settings, Arm, and click ‘Noise Sensor Alert’. Wait for a ‘Success’ message received. See the App help & install section here

Your Vanolarm is now armed so that when the vibration activated sirens sound, the Smart GPS unit hear them ring and will notify you via your phone when someone is attempting the doors or tampering with them.

To Disarm, go to the App, Settings, Disarm and repeat for the sensor you wish to Disarm (and then disarm your door sirens with your fob). Always ensure you receive a ‘success’ message to the bottom of the screen otherwise the command has not been successfully completed and you may still receive notifications.

If this is set up successfully, there is no reason to Arm the other sensors on Vanolarm, however if you forget to Arm your Audible siren sirens, then you can fall back on the Smart GPS unit by remote arming any of its other inbuilt independent sensors (Vibration, Magnet door, Geofence etc).

trouble shooting vanolarm

Common trouble shooting solutions can be found below. Obviously these links come from our comprehensive Help, install and troubleshooting pages in which you’ll find ALL the help, videos and set up advice you’ll need. Please click here to see these pages.  

If the App reports ‘Offline‘, then please ensure your Smart GPS Unit and Phone are in an area of strong network coverage, and that your GPS unit is in a position whereby it can ‘hear’ the siren clearly (the siren sounds at 113db and the sensor will activate at 90db), and please also ensure you have credit on your Smart GPS Unit SIM card.

There can be several reasons why the Smart alarm can be offline and we would guide you to the following troubleshooting here:-

Q5 here https://vanolarm.co.uk/4g-install-help-sim-card-2/

Q9, Q10 & Q11 here https://vanolarm.co.uk/4g-install-help-sim-card-2/

Q17 here https://vanolarm.co.uk/4g-install-help-smart-alarm-2/

Finally if your App is reporting ‘Not enabled‘ (if the sim card has been inserted correctly into the smart gps unit) then this usually it is a result of one of two reason. Either you have entered the incorrect ID code in the login page or the sim card you are using is not compatible/APN not recognised by the system. To trouble shoot this situation then we would direct you to the below link:

Q4 & Q12 here https://vanolarm.co.uk/4g-install-help-vanolarm-app-2/

Q11 here https://vanolarm.co.uk/4g-install-help-sim-card-2/

Don’t forget for easy to use VIDEO help, setup and troubleshooting simply exist this page and see all the other help buttons by clicking below